Marquette University Law School Mediation Clinic

Free, confidential mediation services

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a way to resolve your case outside of court. A mediator works with people having a disagreement to help them reach a solution everyone can live with.

The Marquette Mediation Clinic has been offering free, confidential mediation services for parties in Milwaukee County Small Claims Court since 1998.

For the duration of Covid-19 restrictions, the Mediation Clinic is providing services by telephone and by Zoom.

Why use mediation?

A mediator doesn’t decide the outcome of a case like a judge or a court commissioner, so there isn’t a winner and a loser. A mediator works with the parties to talk things through and help the people find their own way to resolve their dispute.

·  Talk things through

·  Find an agreement

·  Write it up

·  Court case dismissed

When parties reach an agreement in mediation, the mediator helps write up the agreement, called a stipulation, and the court case is dismissed. The agreement is binding and enforceable. If the parties don’t reach an agreement, the parties still have all their legal rights, and the case continues to court.

What is the point of mediation?

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